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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Cheers Physics (the physics of beer)

Physicist Rik Sargent meets Andy Moffat, a real ale brewer in North London with Redemption Brewing. They discuss the science involved in controlling the taste and colour of beer, focusing on the mashing of the grains and the temperatures involved in the brewing process.


Physicist Rik Sargent talks to Josh and Andy from Redemption Brewing who are experts in perfecting their real ale. They discuss how the sugar and alcohol affect the density of the beer and how to measure the ABV (alcohol by volume) in beer.


Physicist Rik Sargent chats to Andy from Redemption Brewing about why temperature is important in brewing a good beer. They also discuss hops and how they work efficiently by incorporating physics into their process.


Physicist Rik Sargent chats to Andy from Redemption Brewing about how the isinglass is used to clarify you beer towards the end of the brewing process.


 Physicist Rik Sargent chats to Andy from Redemption brewing about the physics behind keeping beer separate from oxygen in the air when moving it to a conditioning tank. Exposure to oxygen causes reactions in beer that lead to unwanted flavours. Therefore the physics of storing beer is paramount for keeping beer tasting its best.


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